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Property Manager:

Lisette Joly

(514) 342-4668


Property Manager:

Krista Kehoe

(403) 354-7997

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Luxurious & Unique Properties

Willrand Estates manages the following exclusive properties that are available for a minimum rental of four months or long-term rentals in Canada: 

  1. Three properties located in a country setting in Saint-Sauveur,            Quebec.              

  2. One condo ideally located downtown Montreal,Quebec

  3. Two condos located in downtown Calgary, Alberta in Eau Claire near Prince's Island.

You can see the videos and several pictures for each       properties on the following pages. Special services also       come with these properties. Do not hesitate to contact the   property manager for more information. A visit will not be a   waste of your time.


Lisette Joly is the property manager for the properties in the Province of Quebec whereas Krista Kehoe is the property manager for the properties in the Province of Alberta.

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